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Educator Healthcare costs are being proposed to rise up to 500%!


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In these tough economic times, we must join together to fight proposed changes that will significantly affect the

quality of education for Alabama children as well as the future of the educational profession. Education

healthcare and retirement are the focus of drastic changes that will be detrimental to the employees, in turn

resulting in losing quality teachers. For these reasons, we call on you to prevent the PEEHIP and TSA Boards from

making these proposed changes without consulting those whom it affects. Here are some of the changes that

are being proposing:


Healthcare & Prescription

Doctor co-pay increasing 33%

Yearly deductible increase 300%

Cost of single family coverage increase 500%

Spouse premium increase $100 per month

Family dental deductible increase 200%

Dental benefits slashed 10%

Prescriptions for generic increased 100%, preferred increased 400%, and non-preferred increased 300%

90 day maintenance reduced to 60 day and co-pay increased 300%



Increased retirement from 25 years of service to 30 years for all new employees

Increased annual employee costs to retirement fund-hundreds maybe thousands of dollars

Eliminate option for retiring at 55

Increase Drop Age to age 57

Dramatically increase retiree health insurance


We Ask Your Support To:

Help stop the PEEHIP and TSA Boards changes to educational health insurance and retirement

Look for alternative revenue sources for funding PEEHIP

Create a clear public process for this discussion

Involve all entities that will be affected

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