Teacher Tips Booklets Offer Handy Help in Classroom and Beyond

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AFT has developed a series of brochures, called Teacher Tips, to assist teachers in the classroom and beyond. These concise publications will be an effective and useful addition to your back-to-school and throughout-the-year organizing campaigns.


These brochures can be previewed online at www.aft.org/teachers/pubs-reports/tq.htm and can be ordered by contacting the AFT shipping department at 800-238-1133, ext. 3577.


A single copy is 50 cents, 100 or more copies are 20 cents each. A set of seven booklets is $2.50 per set, 15 or more sets are $1.50 per set. Further discounts are available to affiliates ordering in bulk. The Teacher Tips series include the following seven titles: