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Tell us your concerns about NCLB

BFT and AFT are interested in hearing from members about the issues, problems and concerns that they are experiencing because of or linked to the No Child Left Behind law.


The AFT policy draft highlighting concerns and suggestions for improving the No Child Left Behind Act received an enthusiastic response recently at the teachers' divisional meeting and the executive council meeting. The paper (available via a link at the bottom of this page) identifies key points that need to be addressed in the law along with the rationale for positive change.


AFT is considering starting a regular feature in American Teacher to highlight the human stories behind each of the issues. The feature would present one NCLB issue from the policy paper, the rationale for change, and a short profile of an AFT member who has seen the need for change firsthand.


The AFT editorial department would like to begin collecting names of BFT members with stories to tell. These leads also would be shared with the AFT legislation department as they look for opportunities to include members in testimony tied to NCLB reauthorization and with AFT political action as they look for members who could be effective in the union's Activists for Congressional Education (ACE) program.


If you have a telling anecdote or illustration tied to the union's policy points on NCLB, e-mail Mike Rose in the AFT editorial department at 

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