BFT Member Discounts

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Pet Insurance

Cut the cost of owning a pet. Save 10% on pet health insurance premiums.

Credit Card

A union endorsed credit card, with low-rate balance transfers, a competitive rate, no annual fee, strike skip payments and a unique Member Advocacy Program.

Union Plus Scholarship

The Union Plus Scholarship awards $150,000 annually to members, their spouses and their children who are pursuing a secondary education at a university, college, trade or technical school.

Secured Credit Card

You can establish or rebuild your credit history with this secured credit card. Unlike other secured cards, there are no application or set up fees. Cardholders can graduate to a regular unsecured credit card after 18 months of on-time payments.

Union-Made Checks

Union-printed checks and return-address labels that feature your union logo.

Consumer Reports Online Discount

Save 27% on an annual subscription to, Consumer Reports' online consumer information web site featuring Product Reviews, Product Ratings and Buying Guides. You'll also get the latest issue of the magazine online.

Legal Service

Free and discounted legal assistance.

Diversity Scholarship

The Union Leaders of the Future Scholarship helps women and people of color become union leaders.

National Labor College Scholarship

The Union Plus National Labor College Scholarship awards $25,000 annually to those enrolling in the National Labor College.

Movie Ticket Discounts
1-800-565-3712, Company Member ID: 744387769

Save 25% to 46% off the box office price by purchasing movie tickets in advance. Or enjoy a movie at home with savings up to 33% on Blockbuster® movie rentals.

Entertainment Discounts
1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

Save on movie tickets and rentals, theme parks, theaters, and sporting events.

Theme Park Discounts
1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

Enjoy the thrill and excitement at some of the best theme parks nationwide for less! Save at parks including Busch Gardens, Disneyland, Disney World, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Universal Studios and more

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