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PREP Act Substitute

The new version of the PREP Act that dropped on April 7th has changed the five tier level of effectiveness for a teacher to four tiers.  A teacher, even a tenured teacher, can be fired after two consecutive evaluations from the lowest tier.  It states that a MINIMUM of 25% of the evaluation will be test scores...the remaining MAXIMUM of 75% will contain: AT LEAST 2 observations, student surveys, growth plan, collaboration, and additional measures of performance. Each local system will decide the weight of each item.
One problem with this is, of course, is that testing could make up a much larger percentage than 25%.  Another problem is the tiers are not defined. Is each tier weighted equally? Say on a scale of 100 is each tier equal to 25%?  Legislators should demand to know that before they vote.
The Act also expands the description of the Legislative Teacher Advisement Committee beyond just the PREP Act.  That is a good thing BUT the folks on the committee will all be appointed by the State BOE.  
It also now states that every teacher that obtained tenure before the enactment of the act will be evaluated, at a MINIMUM of every other year. 
Another change is that the state will post how many teachers were ranked at each level state wide on it's website BUT the local systems are to post a report card for every school in it's district. If it does not then it has to post how many teachers were ranked at each level in it's system.  It will not be reported by school. 
Teachers hired after Jan. 1, 2017 will gain tenure after five years ONLY if they received a rating from the top two tiers for the last three of the five years.  
Non-Probationary status will not be available to support staff hired after Jan. 1 of 2017.
The teacher recruitment program and mentor program are still in place.  We didn't notice any major changes in those programs.