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Educator Healthcare costs are being proposed to rise up to 500%!

We must join together to fight proposed changes that will significantly affect the quality of education for Alabama children as well as the future of the educational profession. Education healthcare and retirement are the focus of drastic changes that will be detrimental to the employees, in turn resulting in losing quality teachers. For these reasons, we call on you to prevent the PEEHIP and TSA Boards from making these proposed changes without consulting those whom it affects.


School Safety and Discipline Survey

In poll after poll, parents, teachers and school staff say that school safety and order are their highest school priorities. Educators know that other efforts to improve schools will not be effective without an orderly and safe learning environment.


Latest Salary Survey Shows Gains; Charter Pay Lags

The average salary for traditional public school teachers increased 4.5 percent in 2006-07 to $51,009, according to the AFT's latest teacher salary survey, marking the first time average teacher pay exceeded $50,000 and the first time since 2003 that teacher salaries surpassed the annual rate of inflation.


Play the Game—A Year in the Life of a Teacher
A teacher's life is all about balance. In this activity, you will work to survive and thrive by earning as many points as you can for your students, your personal well-being and your career, while maintaining the best possible balance among these areas.

Council of the Great City Schools Report for Birmigham City Schools

This the full report of the latest report and set of recommendations from the Council of the Great City Schools to the Birmingham Board of Education. This June report updates recommendations made in January to the Birmingham board. Download file